About Greenscape

At Greenscape we pride ourselves on delivering excellent services to our clients in realizing aesthetic landscape architectural designs from all aspects of landscaping phases.


We deliver onsite consultation where we will listen to client’s requirements and establish the objectives, scope and goals the client envisioned.

Conceptual Design

Based on client’s requirements, we will propose a variety of possible solutions based on the client’s request and site assessment report. We will prepare an overall landscape design concept and develop detailed schematic design and construction drawings based on approved concept.

Comprehensive Master Plan

We strongly believe in well-devised Master Plan. It is the most vital phase of a landscape project. We will device a plan with proper scheduling that is based on the client’s needs.

Site Assessment & Planning

We understand that all projects are fundamentally different in scope, goals and budget. Taking these into account consultation, the phase includes assessment, diligent data and information gathering of the area.

Project Management

We deliver professional approach to project management, from initial contact to the successful completion of the project.

Implementation & Evaluation

We provide installation service that includes development of an implementation strategy, risk and mitigation plan, sourcing and the actual construction works. During the installation of the landscape design by the selected contractor, we offer the service of on-site project monitoring.

Company Objectives

We set our goal to grow the company into a multinational corporation and expand our focus to landscape maintenance works. Focusing on the company’s mission and vision, the goal is back by a solid set of objectives that will lead us on a focused path towards achieving them.

To influence natural processess, social processess and aesthetic processess of the community.

To improve the synergy of lifestyle and environment through the cultivation of green and sustainable landscape.

To sustain or improve ecosystem services with efficient use of green construction materials.

To educate and promote awareness among clients and public on the importance of environmental balance.

To cultivate the community’s passion in green landscape and deliver the advantages of green in life.

To uphold Malaysia’s tourism industry in line with Visit Malaysia campaigns.

To uphold one of the Penang State Government’s visions, which is to transform Penang into a more livable city through A Cleaner, Greener Penang Campaign.



Only the Best


Empower Tomorrow

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Enrich Habitable Space

The company combines a passion for better living and for the ecology of landscape architecture to create designs that deliver not just aesthetic, but as well as cultural and physical environment.


Job Responsibility and Commitment

We aim to cultivate a responsible, committed and trustworthy individuals that possesses great synergism among peers. At Greenscape, we establish proper standard operating procedures for all areas of responsibilities and are strict in ISO standards compliance and any other standards that are relevant.

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“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.”

Luis Barragan

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